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What Kind Of Milk Do You Pick Up At The Dairy Aisle? #POLL


All our lives we’ve looked up to cows, buffaloes, and other “milkable” animals as the ultimate source of the nectar of calcium, strong bones, and good health, a.k.a. milk. But it wasn’t until we grew up and actually had to go and pick up the packet/carton/bottle from the dairy aisle on our own that we realized that milk in itself is a very broad category. And the fact that there is a particular kind of milk only for the lactose intolerant folk speaks volumes!

In addition to special varieties for the aforementioned lactose intolerant, there are also dedicated milk cartons for vegans, weight watchers, the organic food lover, the dessert makers (that’s you, full cream and whole milk), and the likes. And we would really like to know which milk has how many takers/drinkers. Vote below and let us know!

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