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The Latest Unicorn Food Trend Is A Healthy And Beautiful Sight To Behold


We take back everything we’ve ever said about the Unicorn food trend being over. Because it is not! In fact, it looks like the food trend is really just getting started. We’ve had doughnuts, toast, macarons and pretty much everything else in the world that could be “unicorn-fied” and still, there’s more coming.

The latest addition? Unicorn Noodles. And as always, it’s all over Instagram.

So where does Unicorn Noodles come from?

A.J., the creative experimenter at The Indigo Kitchen is the mastermind behind this colourful creation. If you go through his Instagram profile, you’ll see that he’s been sharing his noodle masterpieces on the social network and he’s built up quite the fanbase. We don’t blame the 13K followers he has either because his noodle bowls are beautiful and absolutely to die for.

And now, he’s got the Unicorn Noodles trend started. If that’s not enough, he even shared the recipe with Popsugar, just in case you want to try and make this at home too.

First up, cook purple cabbage in a pot of water for five minutes and according to A.J., it’s best to use less water to dye the noodles to get a concentrated blue hue or add more water if you want a lighter colour. Take the water off the heat and add in your noodles – A.J. uses glass noodles, but you could use any noodles that you’d prefer.

Next step is to let the noodles soak for up to 10 minutes in the pot and then to get the rainbow and unicorn effect, squeeze a lime or lemon juice onto different parts of the noodles and you’ll see it transform from blue to different hues of pink and purple! And there you have it, Unicorn Noodles.

Now go forth and share images of your Unicorn Noodles for the world to see!