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Which Lay’s Flavour Is Your Soulmate?


Crispy potato chips are often romanticised with PepsiCo’s chips label ‘Lay’s‘ (unless you can afford a facnier box of deliciously stacked wafers also known as Pringles). Not only has Lay’s been giving us bags full of aromatic air to inhale for the longest time, but the chips brand has also been consistent in constantly introducing new and exciting flavors and varieties in the market. Especially the Frito-Lay, which has been a stockpile of delicious flavors that include the likes of American Style Cream & Onion, Spanish Tomato Tango and of course, the ever so amazing Classic Salted.

The decades old wafer company has given us tens of reasons to love spices and flavors we didn’t even know existed or could exist in a bag of our favorite chips (seriously, isn’t French Salt & Cracked Pepper just salt and pepper?). Nonetheless, we have tried even the most eccentric of flavors, only to come back to our favorite. Which of these Lay’s flavors does it for you? Vote for it!

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