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Leading Fine Wine Investment Firm Amphora Ties Up With Cecilia Oldne In India


Amphora Portfolio Management, a reputed fine wine investment firm set up in 2009 in London has partnered with Cecilia Oldne. The latter is well known wine personalities and wine trailblazer in India. The fine wines are the ones which develop taste and flavour notes while in bottle as it ages. These wines take at least ten years to come of a drinkable state, improvising over decades and are made in limited quantity.

Aged Fine Wines In India

“For me, India is far more than simply commercial success,” said David Jackson, CEO Amphora Portfolio Management. “These last four years have been a total joy and an incredible adventure. My clients in India have all, without exception; become personal friends, and I have had the privilege of exploring the far corners of this fascinating country. It is for these reasons that I have clocked up more than 30 Indian stamps in my passport in the last 4 years!”

“I have known Cecilia professionally for a couple of years now, and am thrilled to bits that one of the best known and most respected wine people in India has agreed to join our team. Having Cecilia “on the ground” is a very demonstrative statement of Amphora’s commitment to its India business and clients” he added.

Beyond Drinking Wine

“India is learning fast when in comes to wines, but not many people know what a great investment commodity this liquid luxury can be too,” said Cecilia Oldne, Amphora’s India partner and Ambassador. “One of my aims is to educate Indians and wine enthusiasts that wine is not restricted to just the drinking element. Wine investors are the key to ensuring a balanced supply of mature wine to the secondary market, and Amphora helps them make the right choices. As wine is consumed, the supply effectively decreases. The imbalance between demand and supply is the main driver of prices.”

Wine is unique in that the producers cannot increase supply to meet the burgeoning demand from countries like India. It is relatively straightforward for makers of other luxury goods  – watches, handbags, even cars – to increase production, but you cannot reproduce a vintage wine! I look forward to raising a glass with our existing and future fine wine investors here in India!” she adds.