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Local Food Guide: Restaurants In Frazer Town, Bengaluru


Frazer Town is a special area of Bengaluru where you can indulge in cuisines from all over the world. Although Frazer Town is a mix of commercial and residential neighborhood, the area  place comes alive during the month of Ramzan with several shops and restaurants situated along MM Road serving up mouth-watering dishes, from kebabs to grilled chicken. 

If you are in and around Frazer Town, make sure to check out the rows of restaurants adorning the streets with cuisines of your choice. 


1. Manjit Ka Dhaba

Manjit Ka Dhaba gives you a taste of authentic Punjabi cuisine and is also light on the wallet. As the name implies, the food here is a typical North Indian fare. The days of spending a lot on paranthas and sabjis are long gone if you find yourself in Frazer Town. Try their delicious authentic lassi for a taste of Punjab. 


2. Bombaysthan

Although famous for its delicious fruit creams, Bombaysthan also serves up the best in sandwiches, rolls and pizza. The best we’ve had is their special bhaji cheese grill and the paneer bhaji grill sandwiches. You can complement your sandwiches with the aforementioned mouth-watering fruit creams, including our personal favourite mango cream. 

3. Cafe Idly

Traditional South Indian food served up in all different variations. The traditional dishes gets a spruced up and innovative touch on the menu of Cafe Idly. If you are ever in the neighbourhood, head on down to Cafe Idly and try their idly burger. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.


1. Mangalore Pearl

Mangalore Pearl offers up a traditional Mangalorean feast with the focus on various seafood varieties. The delicious and fresh seafood cooked to perfection is all too easy to hog on.


2. Savoury Road

Mouth-watering Arabian and Mughlai dishes are served up at Savoury Road with your choice of kebabs, shawarmas and perfectly marinated and cooked grilled chicken. Pair it up with some flavourful biryani and your weekend feasting is taken care of. 

3. The Pizzeria

For a slice of heaven, or more, visit The Pizzeria for some delectable varieties of pies. The freshly made pizzas ooze with the cheese and the toppings of your choice. The fresh tomato sauce takes the taste of the pizza to whole another level. 


Coffee Shops

1. Sunny Side Up

As the name implies, Sunny Side Up is the perfect chilled out spot for a weekend breakfast. Relax with a nice hot cup of coffee along with your breakfast favourites, pancakes, waffles and toast with some sunny side up eggs and bacon. 


2. Loca Moca

Loca Moca is your traditional neighbourhood coffee shop offering the best of varieties in coffee and tea. Pair up your hot cup of cappuccino with some chicken samosa for a spruced up version of evening coffee and snacks. 



1. The Sugar Fairy

The choicest of sweet treats including delectable cupcakes and chocolate cakes are available to satisfy that itching sweet tooth. Try there red velvet cupcake for a bit out of heaven. 


2. Natural Ice Cream

In the mood to indulge in some naturally flavoured ice-creams instead of the boring box of goo that you buy from the supermarket? Try out the ice-creams at Natural Ice Cream for a delicious twist in the flavours of it all. Our personal favourite was the mango and chickoo varieties. 

Street Food

1. Albert Bakery

If you are in and around Frazer Town, you have to visit the legendary Albert Bakery, one of the oldest bakeries in Bengaluru established in 1902. Famous for its snack items and pastries, Albert Bakery’s bheja puffs (goat brain) during Ramzan is a local speciality.