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Here’s What Became Of The Delhi Restaurant That Kneads Its Dough With Feet


A few days back, social media went bananas over a video of a man kneading a huge amount of dough with his feet, and as the video pans out, the name of the establishment linked to this repulsive action also came into the frame – Kake Da Hotel. Now while it isn’t anywhere mentioned or seen in the video that what’s in the container is actually dough, it is kind of obvious.

The video, which was first shared on Twitter, found its way through every gadget screen in Delhi-NCR, massively tarnishing Kake Da Hotel’s (nee Kake Da Dhaba) decades old legacy. The restaurant, which was established way back 1931, has been one of the most popular eateries in Connaught Place, especially for North Indian and Mughlai food lovers. But after this viral video, the restaurant stands to lose out on all its (sane) clientele and fame.

Though the restaurant management argued that the man on the terrace was simply “washing clothes” and that this was “a conspiracy to defame the restaurant”, Twitter had none of it and went on a full-fledged anti-Kake rant. Take a look.

Further, to this online uproar, the Food Safety Department was also taken into the loop to sort out the matter. “A team headed by Deputy Commissioner of Food Safety Department visited Kake Da Hotel and picked up food samples from there after a video emerged showing a man kneading dough with his feet,” a senior Delhi government official said.

The team has reportedly picked up samples of the food, which have been sent to a lab for examination. Results of the same are to be expected out soon.


Featured Image: Street Food Walks

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