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Make Your Daughter Feel like A Princess with Princess Cake on Her Birthday


For any parent, a child is always precious. But as an old Irish proverb says, a son is a son till he has a family of his own, and hence moves away, but a daughter is always a daughter, even when she’s grown up.

But then, who wants to see their daughter grow up? No matter how old a daughter grows, to both parents, she is always that little miracle in their arms. Still, Time does pass, so give your daughter a befitting gift on her special day- make her feel like a princess with a Princess cake on her birthday.

Send Princess Cake for Birthday in India

Princess Cake for Birthday

Girls in general grow up listening to, or reading, fairy tales. Add to that Disney’s Princess films, and Mattel’s Barbie dolls dressed as princesses, and that’s enough for her to know all about princesses. Don’t be surprised if she ever demands a Princess birthday cake. And even if she never does, you can always surprise her with a royal birthday. With online gifting network spread all across the country, ordering fresh cakes and having them delivered anywhere is far easier than ever before. Princess cakes have become quite a trend recently, forming a category of their own.


Sometimes, even simple cakes can be stunning.

  • Cupcakes: If Her Highness loves cupcakes, get as many as the age she is turning, in as many colours as you want. Decorate each with a little (inedible) tiara.
  • Sponge cake: Get a princess cake in her favourite flavour, with simple icing, and edible pearls and a crown on it. Add her initial on the crown.
  • Tiered cake- Try a cake with tiers in different flavours, with the top decorated by rainbow sprinkles and a single candle.


Some princess birthday cakes happen to be more complicated, so ordering them well in advance is a good idea.

  1. Castle cake- Decorations transform an ordinary 3-tiered sponge cake into a princess’ castle bound to impress the royal in your family.
  2. Princess/ Barbie cake- A fluffy cake with careful decoration, this can be made to resemble any legendary Princess or even a Barbie doll dressed like a Princess.
  3. The Princess Cake- The Swedish prinsesstårta literally translates to “Princess Cake”. This is basically a sponge cake, but it is extremely difficult to bake and is, therefore, nothing but pure edible art.

What if Her Majesty does not want to be a “princess” and does not want a “Princess Cake”? These could well be times when she goes from a little princess to a clever queen ruling her world. But we know she’s still your precious baby girl, and you know that her wish will always be your command!

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