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Malayalam Actress Surabhi Lakshmi Receives Flak For Eating Meat On Onam


Last week saw some exciting festivities with Ganesh Chauth and Onam painting South and North India in hues of fun, happiness, and food. Speaking of food, who doesn’t like to indulge in a lavish festive platter loaded with delicious yummies? And Onam is one of the most food-rich festivals of the country. Complete with a 27-item food platter, the traditional Onam Sadhya spells out delish. However, the feast may have turned bitter for one particular Malayali this year.

Much like everyone else, popular Malayalam movie star Surabhi Lakshmi too indulged in a fancy Onam fare. But her spread was a little different than the traditional ones – it had meat. Now, we’re all for freedom to pick your own food and freedom to make the choice of eating non-vegetarian food on a festival, but the fact that the actress included meat in her Onam Sadhya, didn’t go down too well with social media.

The meal was served to the actress as part of a show that was broadcast on Onam. According to Surabhi, the segment was shot three weeks before the festival and it was her personal choice to visit her favourite hotel in Kozhikode, which is known for its beef dish. On the show, Surabhi can be seen eating Kerala parantha with beef fry.

The actress shared a selfie with the “controversial” Sadhya platter, which ignited the morality within the online trolls.

“The channel has been asking for my interview for quite some time and that’s when I agreed to do that programme in a hotel which I usually visit. Hunger is a basic instinct of life and when I’m hungry I don’t usually care if it’s beef, chicken or pork. The issue is not that I ate beef, but that the programme was telecast during Onam,” Lakshmi told The Indian Express.

Beef has been quite the subject of debate and argument over the past few months in India. However, the southern states – especially Kerala – has stood firm on its ground in stating that they will continue beef consumption as they always have.


Feature Image: Lifeandtrendz

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