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Mama Mia! Is Shaking Things Up With An All-New Cheese Toast Gelato Flavor


Mama Mia! is THE place to get your ice cream cravings satisfied (without feeling the guilt of cheating on your diet) and they’ve come out with some brilliant gelato flavors! We told you about their new bitter chocolate flavor, and now, they’re changing things up yet again with an amazingly original Cheese Toast gelato flavor!

The maestro gelato creators at Mama Mia! are out to bamboozle our taste buds with an exciting new, Cheese Toast Gelato! Yep, that’s right – cheese toast ice cream is now available at all Mama Mia! outlets. This limited edition flavor plays with your mind and taste buds with equal charm and finesse. It tastes unmistakably like your favorite grilled cheese toast and it comes with a “ketchup” topping to complete the experience.

As weird as it sounds, we promise that you won’t be able to stop eating it after your first spoonful. Savory ice creams are all the rage in the West, and Mama Mia! has brilliantly captured this trend with a flavor that will appeal to both kids and adults alike. As per their #singuiltfree philosophy, real cheddar cheese toast is used to create this flavor and no artificial sweeteners or syrups are added. So head on down to your nearest Mama Mia! outlet and get cheesy with handcrafted gelato!

Place: Mama Mia! Indiranagar, Kumara Park

Price: Rs 99++ per scoop

For More Information: Call – +91 7892084813, +91 9886091914


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