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Could You Master The Krispy Kreme Challenge?


A new year brings on new challenges (and no, Tide Pod challenge, we are not looking at you). If your love for donuts matches your love for running (I know, it’s a bit of an oxymoron) then we’ve got some grand news for you! The Krispy Kreme Challenge combines both your loves of running and eating donuts and it kind of looks like loads of fun!

Here’s the challenge: You have 1 hour to eat a dozen donuts, while running 5 miles. Sounds like a pretty tall order, I’d probably just park somewhere with my donuts.

The race starts and ends at the North Carolina State University Belltower, looping through downtown Raleigh, NC, though if you’re like me, and aren’t feeling bold enough to down a dozen while jogging, you can also sign up as a casual runner/donut eater. If you don’t finish the donuts, you can take them home.

However, this run isn’t just all about the donuts (or the running, for that matter). In fact, it’s raised $1.35 million for the UNC Children’s Hospital over the past 13 years. The run is set to be held on the 3rd of Feb which means there is still time to sign up! Honestly, who could say no to eating donuts (and maybe jogging a little) for charity?

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