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These McDonald’s Outlets In Mumbai Will Be Open Till 2AM For Ramadan


The holy month of Ramadan though invigorating, can also sometimes be a little taxing simply because we tend to miss our favourite foods while fasting. And even though the Ramazan fast is anything but devoid of amazing noshes, there are very few things that come to satiating your craving for a good and juicy burger. And McDonald’s India understands that, which is why the burger chain will remain open till later hours during the last week of this holy month.

That’s right, starting 18th June through 26th June, McDonald’s outlets in Mumbai’s Fort, Bandra, and Mumbai Central will remain open till 2am in the morning for all the fasting customers. But hold up, that’s not all! The fast food chain won’t only have its regular menu on offer. McDonald’s has introduced a juicy new kebab burger across all its outlets in South and West India.

So what is this new kebab burger that we speak of? According to a press release, the latest addition to the McDonald’s menu “is a special blend of a spicy square shaped tandoori patty made from a blend of minced and juicy chunky chicken seasoned with real Indian spices, breadcrumbs, chickpeas, accompanied with sliced red onion.

“This delectable sandwich comes inside a soft toasted bun enveloped with the all-new traditional and aromatic Haryali sauce infused with ethnic flavour of green and red chillies, mint and coriander leaves” it reads.


The gorgeous new kebab burger will be available in three different options valued at three different prices – Chicken Kebab Burger (INR 59); Chicken Kebab Double Patty Burger (INR 99); and Chicken Kebab Wraps (INR 69).


Feature Image: Retail News Asia

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