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Meet The Charming Eddy Buckingham, Justin Timberlake’s Personal Mixologist


While most celebrities have hairdressers, dieticians and makeup artists on retainer, Justin Timberlake has a mixologist. Meet Eddy Buckingham, who is Timberlake’s go-to man whether he’s throwing a party and wants some great, unique cocktails or whether he wants to come up with potent cocktails that contain tequila from his Sauza 901 brand.

“Justin acts as a bit of a launching pad,” Buckingham said to the Huffington Post on his relationship with Timberlake. “He trusts me. He’s an expert in his field and me in mine.” He has created several iconic coccktails, including the Zarza which is a blend of blackberries and Sauza 901 tequila.


Buckingham considers a variety of factors when creating a cocktail. He looks at the personality of the host, the theme of the show or publication he is catering to, as well as its audience. Based on these principles, he created a unique cocktail for the Huffington Post, naming it ‘The Huffington Toast.’ He also created a cocktail on The Tonight Show  for Jimmy Fallon naming it ‘The Fallon’, which is a twist on the old fashioned. Watch him create the drink below.

Let’s say out loud what all we’re all thinking; drool! Not only is he almost as good looking as Timberlake, but his accent is gorgeous. And, we won’t even go into his mixology skills. Wouldn’t you like to have him on a retainer?