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Mozart or Justin Bieber? It could affect the way your food tastes


We have heard that music helps improve memory, productivity and creativity levels. But apparently it also has an effect on the way we taste our food. Oxford University researchers have discovered that listening to different levels of pitches enhances the flavour of various flavour profiles. For example, high-pitch notes like that of a flute or a soprano singer enhances sour and sweet flavours, while low-pitches, like that of a tuba or bass, can boost the flavour of bitter foods.

music food 2
It is yet another study that’s shows the close links between our 5 senses and it is called “multi-sensory food perception.” Researcher Charles Spence explained to NPR that he and his team are working on synesthetic sounds designed to augment dining experiences.

music food 1
“You can then start creating experiences where you play particular kinds of music or soundscape to diners or to drinkers while they’re tasting,” he says. “We’re able to show that we can change the experience in [the] mouth by about 5 or 10 percent.”

A dinner-symphony may soon be something you plan.