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MP Seeks Ban On Non Vegetarian Food At Government Events


Parvesh Sahib Singh, a Minister of Parliament has introduced a private member bill that says that non vegetarian food be disallowed in government functions, meeting and events. He says told News 18 that, “Consumption of non-veg foods not only causes rampant abuse and killings of animals but also has devastating environmental impacts. Germany has also introduced for the same reason as we have given.”

No Meat For Govt Meet

Singh also says that People for Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA) has also suggested the same and that this step is important towards protection of animals. He feels that for meat consumption animals undergo cruelties like genetic manipulation and drug regimen mutilation. “This goes by vehemently against the laws and ethics of animal protection and conservation. It is urgent for the government to take necessary steps and make its own contribution,” he told the publication.

“A United Nations environment program report by international panel of sustainable report management has said that lesser consumption of animal product is necessary to save the world from worst impacts of climate change,” Singh told News 18 giving scientific reasoning for the bill he has raised. “This shall be an effort from the side of the government to claim a positive stake in environment conservation and prevention of climate change,” he added.

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