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Mumbai Dabbawalas May Soon Start Supplying Organic Food


According to a report by the F&B News, Mumbai’s famous Dabbawalas who go door-to-door to collect and supply tiffins to the hungry citizens, are soon to set up a start up in the food processing sector. The brand manager of logistics for the Mumbai Dabbawala, Ritesh Andre has told the publication that the start-up is going to supply organic produce and vegetables.

New Start Up By Mumbai Dabbawala

“The basic idea of this start-up is to deliver organic vegetables and other organic produce through our Six Sigma-certified supply chain. We are in the process of developing this model for our start-up,” said Ullas Shantaram Muke, president, Mumbai Dabbawala told F&B News. “When the dabbawalas are free in the afternoon, they will work on this as their side business. One dabbawala can carry about 25-30kg of vegetables with them. So when they are returning the tiffin, they can deliver the vegetables to their customers. As of now, there are only three to four deliveries taking place in such areas as Thane, Parel, Dadar and Mahim. But soon we expect to deliver more.”

He also talked about the year-long goal of the start-up saying, “Post-Diwali this year, we are looking to start our service in Pune and Bengaluru. It will be challenging to cater to these areas, as there is no train service like we have in Mumbai. In Mumbai, all the dabbas reach the clients before 1pm every day. So our target for these cities will be the same.”

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