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#MumbaiRoundUp: Where You Should Plan To Be Eating This Weekend


Why not start planning your weekend a little earlier today? There’s a whole bunch of food filled fun to be had – go armed to these events with a fork and a spoon and an empty (or bottomless) stomach.

Late Night 1 Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen Pizza Party 


If you’re planning a house party, be sure to stock up on a pile of munchies. However, if midnight arrives and your cupboards are empty, but your guests are still hungry, place a call to 1 Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen. It’s now delivering until 3am in Matunga and 1:30 am in Lower Parel.

Indigo Bar Nights


The second edition of Indigo Bar nights is set to take place this Saturday. Zokhuma will take the stage, spinning some upbeat Pop! There’ll also be a discount on alcohol and delicious bar snacks.

Mid-Autumn Festival at Yauatcha


From September 1st to September 20th, fine dining Chinese restaurant Yautacha will be celebrating China’s mid-Autumn festival with moon cakes, which symbolise reunion and togetherness in Chinese culture. The Chinese moon cake Yauatcha is serving is a thick custard infused with Asian ingredients and coated with a pastry. The cakes will be available in four flavours; Jasmine tea moon cake,Salted caramel and sesame moon cake, Coconut and mixed nuts moon cake and the zingy Lemon zest moon cake.

Ramen Festival at Loco Chino


Mexican and Chinese restaurant, Loco Chino is holding a ramen festival with a selection of broths, ramen and proteins.

Wicked Liquid Sunday Brunch at Grand Hyatt Goa


If you’re planning a trip to Goa this weekend, put a trip to the Grand Hyatt Goa on your to eat list. They’re hosting a Wicked Liquid Sunday Brunch which will offer guests over 30 food and beverage bars, live music and elaborate children’s activities.