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All you need to know about Paleo


We’re always hearing Paleo this and Paleo that. So let’s take a quick walk down the Paleo aisle and find out what’s really Paleo and what’s not. This article does not advocate a Paleo diet, but explains it. 

1. What to Eat

  • Grass-produced meats
  • Fish/seafood
  • Fresh fruits and veggies
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthful oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)


2. What you can’t eat

  • Cereal grains
  • Legumes (including peanuts)
  • Dairy
  • Refined sugar
  • Potatoes
  • Processed foods
  • Salt
  • Refined vegetable oils


And there you have it! Simple and easy. Oh wait, we could take you one step closer and give you a few recipes. How about Paleo Pumpkin Pie, Key Lime and Coconut Snack and One pot Mexican Chicken . Enjoy!