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Experience Tasty Asian Food At The Newly Opened Outlet Of Nom Nom In Mumbai


Tucked away in the by-lanes of 7 Bungalows, Nom Nom now has a third outlet in Mumbai. This restaurant has an elegant, chic décor on the walls as well as on the roof. The seating area is divided into an indoor and an outdoor section. The dining section inside is a comfortable, cheery place whereas the outdoors is perfect for a nice evening amidst fairy lights and greens.

Sushi & Dimsums

With choicest of creative sushi and dimsums there was no way that weren’t trying these. First up was the Rolled Avocado Sushi with Cucumber and Cream Cheese topped with Raw Mango Togarashi Salsa. The delicious, creamy albeit slightly fiery sushi was too good and makes for a great vegetarian option.

We had the Salmon Nigiri as well which was also very well made with an exceptionally large slice of salmon and we loved it. The nigiri was made with a lot of precision and does not fall apart. It goes beautifully with a touch of wasabi and soy.

Dimsums are one of our favourite dishes and so we couldn’t help but pick their assorted option which was served with a variety of dips – Sriracha, Spring Onion and Chilli in Oil. Here we tried the Spicy Hargao, Juicy Prawn & Burnt Garlic, Spicy Chicken Sui Mai and Thai Spice Chicken. The Hargao was hands down the best out of the lot with a deep coloured dumpling stuffed with delicious bloom onions and fried garlic, simply melts in the mouth. The Juicy Prawn dumpling was also exceptional and had a burst of flavour. All in all, the dim sums at Nom Nom stand true to the name of the restaurant.


We chowed down on an absolutely delicious Sambal Paneer Bao as we waited for our mains to arrive. The bao itself was pillowy soft, clearly made in-house. The flavours of the bao right from the fiery sambal to the pickled vegetables and sauces made for lip-smacking treat.

The mains we ordered were Cripsy John Dory with Burnt Garlic Fried Rice. The fish was excellent, the gravy making it shine with the lovely flavours of chilli and basil. The crispness of the fish was evident and was cooked to perfection. The fish combo with the burnt garlic rice was also really great, it enhanced the whole dish making us full and satiated.


If you were to look up Nom Nom’s menu and tried to find out the dessert options it politely asks you to call the server for the day’s special. The creativity factor in the dessert served to us was immensely high because we were served Dessert Sushi. Yep, you read that right and though completely full, we couldn’t help but mop it all up. Made up with a pudding pancake forming the roll, the inside filled with white chocolate, a sprinkle of coconut and finished up with a drizzle of caramel sauce; this was a lovely, surprising and sumptuous dessert.

After reading this, we’re sure you’re tempted to try the food at Nom Nom and we do recommend that you do. Don’t forget to come back and share your experience in the comments below, maybe recommend more dishes to us too? Happy eating!

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