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Netflix’s Chef’s Table Found One Of The World’s Best Food Instagrammers In India: Here’s To You, Uma  Raghuraman


Foodie fans world over are familiar with Chef’s Table, a show on Netflix which places focus on famous chefs around the world, looking at their journey to chefdom, their kitchens and their restaurants.

For the launch of Chef’s Table 2, Netflix organised a contest which invited food Instagrammmers across the world to participate in, using the hashtag #MyChefsTable. The best Instagrammers would be given the chance to visit restaurants across the world and interact with renowned chefs.

Meet Uma Raghuraman

We’re delighted to announce that one of the winners was from India: on May 10th, Netflix India announced that Raghuraman, otherwise known as MasterChef Mom was their official Instagrammer.

As her blog’s name suggests, Raghuraman is a mother who has become a master at whipping up interesting and delicious recipes to tempt her child.

Her blog features recipes for South Indian dishes, baking recipes, Indian sweets, street food and even vegan and gluten free recipes. As well as her blog, Raghuraman has a popular Instagram page where she posts beautiful photos of her dishes.


Its these photos and her culinary expertise which won Raghuraman Netflix’s recognition. She’s now headed to Los Angeles to visit Nancy Silverton’s Osteria Mozza and will be photographing and posting her experience tomorrow.

Follow Raghuraman on Instagram here.