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New York Brewery Creates A Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Dessert Beer And It Sounds Delicious


‘Tis the season for Girl Scout Cookies and mash-ups. Recently we talked about the doughnut shop that was making Girl Scout Cookie Doughnuts, but now we have something even bigger and awesomer and we can’t even handle just how cool this is!

Girl Scout Cookies Beer! More specifically Thin Mint Beer. Or as they’re calling it Thick Mint.

The masterminds behind this are the Southern Tier Brewing Co., and they have created an unofficial Girl Scout Cookie flavoured beer which is obviously inspired by the infamous Thin Mint cookies. By looking at the labels and wrappers, the Thick Mint beer is part of their Blackwater range and is an Imperial Stout brewed with Chocolate & Mint. Which obviously would make it a ‘dessert beer’.

Sure, we’ve all heard about dessert wine, but dessert beer? As Food and Wine reports the beer hasn’t and probably won’t get an official approval from the Girl Scouts of America, but for those who love beer and the Girl Scout Cookies, this is the perfect treat. And imagine sitting back and sipping a beer while eating a Thin Mint cookie! Because obviously, that’s what everyone needs in their lives.

As always, the beer is only available in America and not in all places you’d go. Visit their website to find where the beer is located near you.

Plus, Instagram is full of pictures of people getting their hands on this new beer, so how could you not want it?