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Nissin Foods Will Soon Be Selling Shark Fin And Soft Shell Turtle Cup Noodles


Strange things are happening in the world of food. As if sushi burgers and cheesecake flavoured kit kats (all right, those sound delicious) weren’t enough, Nissin Foods has announced that it will be selling Soft Shell Turtle and Shark Fin flavour cup noodles.

We’re totally serious. Before we get into the actual flavours, here’s a little more about the company behind these bizarre instant noodles –

Nissin Foods

Nissin Foods is a Japanese company that makes instant noodles. It’s most popular for its ramen noodle products – it’s the company behind Top Ramen, Chikin Ramen, Chow Mein, Chow Noodles and the Nissin Cup Noodles.


Nissin Cup Noodles are readymade noodles in a foam cup; a consumer simply has to add hot water, allow the noodles to sit for a specified time and enjoy the cooked noodles. Until recently, the Cup Noodles were considered a cheap, easily accessible brand in flavours like beef, chicken, shrimp, curry and tom yum.

Softshell Turtle and Shark Fin Cup Noodles

In an attempt to create a more luxurious appeal to their brand, Nissin Cup Noodles announced that they would soon be launching shark fin and soft shell turtle flavoured soups; two flavours that are synonymous with premium ingredients and fine dining.


However, these two ingredients also raise environmental concerns; shark fin soup has long been under fire because of the harm making it causes to shark populations and the sea ecosystem at large.

Nissin Foods, however, has clarified that the soups will not contain actual shark fins, or turtle shells but instead ‘shark fin-like processed foods’ and ‘softshell turtle powder’. How was the turtle powder made, we wonder?

The new products, which will be launched on Nissin Foods’ 45th anniversary will cost only 50 yen more than regular cup noodles. Japanese celebrity, Beat Takeshi will be advertising the products to generate an even bigger buzz for them.