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Now You Can Also Eat a Rainbow Burger


This rainbow food trend might be getting a little out of hand.

First there were rainbow bagels, then rainbow grilled cheese and then rainbow coffee. And now we’ve got a rainbow burger, for only a limited time, of course.

As part of the Annual NYC Burger Week, Joe’s Bar will be serving a rainbow burger to pay homage to the 1971 classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Of course there’s also a prize. Joe’s Bar will serve its signature burger atop a technicolor rainbow bun from NY Handmade Breads with a side of Grandpa Joe’s fries.

One lucky diner to find a Golden Burger Lift (the equivalent of a Golden Ticket in the books and movies) will score the grown-up version of a lifetime supply of chocolates: a 20-person open bar at Joe’s. It’s no chocolate factory visit, but it’s a great time for everyone at Joe’s!

Also on the menu are Wonka-themed cocktails like a Snozzberry Slushie and a Fizzy Lifting Drink. If in New York, this is where you need to be.