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There Is Now A Yebisu Matcha Green Tea Beer And You Can Only Get It In Two Places In Japan


Here’s something you don’t hear very often – Green Tea Beer. Yes, we’re all familiar with Green Beer that’s served often during St. Patrick’s Day all over the world, but what about Green Tea Beer?

And before you get all worked up about it, green tea is very popular and known for it’s healing properties. Then there’s Matcha powdered green tea which is completely different and extremely popular in Japan. Matcha is one of the most popular flavours in the world and everywhere, people use it for different things and in different ways. Sometimes it’s a little much, but we find this very interesting.

RocketNews24 reports that this Matcha Beer is being served at two Yebisu Bars in Japan – Kyoto and Osaka – and it’s actually a beer cocktail. It’s made by combining matcha with Yebisu beer and is made to order. The bartender mixes the matcha with a bamboo whisk, then combines it with beer and serves it. Of course it looks like green beer with enough froth on top and a sprinkle of matcha powder to complete the drink.


For beer lovers and matcha lovers, this will be an absolute treat, for the rest of us, maybe not so much. Given that matcha and beer are both quite bitter, combining the two might not give the result we’re hoping for. But RocketNews24 says that it’s not as bad as we’d think, and while it is bitter, it’s also quite refreshing.

This could be another way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, especially if you live in Japan.