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Opinion: Avocado Art Is Gorgeous And You Need To See It


There has been a fair share of avocado trends in the past year that I’ve been spectacularly unhappy about. From the avolatte (why God?) to the bizarre avocado hand (seriously, ya’ll adults!) it hasn’t been the best year for avocados. Fortunately, there is a silver lining because avocado art is here to make life semi-worthwhile.

Honest to God I respect art, in any form (other than that unicorn crap) and avocado art is no different. It’s so darn cool that it actually has an entire Insta trend dedicated to it. Just check out this absolute beauty by Australian artist Daniele Barresi.

Who knew a pit could be this beautiful? I certainly didn’t! #skills

Who has this much patience? Does it get eaten after?

The only minute problem I might have with avocado art would be if it contributed to avocado hand, although my gut tells me that if you can carve an avocado that intricately then you can definitely wield a knife well. Surprisingly, this is an avocado trend I can get on board with (never thought that day would happen). Miracles do happen!

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