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Opinion: Pasta Biryani – Ruining Two Foods In One Go!


We’ve had our share of odd food hybrids over the last couple of years (I blame globalization). We’ve been subjected to the baozza, sushi burritos, and dessert pizza, but none have been quite so blasphemous as this latest creation. A restaurant in Pune has debuted Pasta Biryani and this dish is proof of why we can’t have nice things.

We all know what pasta is, and you would be ostracised in India if you don’t know what biryani is (hello, only one of mankind’s greatest inventions). However, some genius decided that we should club the two together, for double the awesomeness, and Pasta Biryani was born (sounds like a high idea to me).

People on Twitter were absolutely not having it.

As someone who has been involved in hospitality for a number of years, it seems like Anupma has a point. However, that doesn’t make Pasta Biryani any less cringy. To be honest, from the way it’s been packed, it doesn’t seem like it’s an afterthought. In which case, someone actually made a concentrated effort to birth this monstrosity.

After careful thought and consideration (combined with trying to keep my lunch down) I have so many questions. Is the buzz garnered from other hybrid foods and natural disasters (avolatte, I’m looking at you) to blame? Are restaurants willing to serve (clearly) substandard food in order to get their 5 minutes of social media fame? Who are the mysterious people (with either horrid taste or no taste buds) willing to eat this dish?

We certainly hope that there will soon be an end to this awful mutation. I suppose we can all forgive and forget if it was just a one-time thing.

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