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Peppermill Bistro: When Europe comes to Bangalore


A couple of years ago, there stood a quaint little hookah parlor on the lesser known 100 feet road around Ramaiah College. The hookah parlor known as Kargeens was the sanctuary of the students around Ramaiah College (including me) and then some. When Bangalore decided that it wasn’t into hookah’s anymore, we tearfully said goodbye to our beloved ‘adda’. And Hyderabad became Kargeens new home. 

When I heard that the management of Kargeens had come back to Bangalore and opened up a bistro on New BEL Road, I couldn’t wait to see what they had come up with. I hurriedly changed plans and drove down to Peppermill Bistro. The name, catchy and cute had me more than interested.

The Outdoors:

I walked in to a beautifully set outdoor space that housed large white patio furniture that immediately reminded me of French street cafes only exemplified by the use of light blue and green colours. One wall was adorned with lightly coloured flower pots that set the perfect background for this European bistro. Looking to catch some sun or a cool Bangalore breeze? Peppermill’s outdoor space has you covered. 


The Indoors: 

We move from France to Britain, as the indoor is set like the inside of a tastefully decorated English home. With large plush chairs and intricately designed mirrors adorning the walls, Peppermill’s indoor space is only missing the butler. The feel of the space is cosy and comfortable and perfect to warm yourself up in the Bangalore rain. 

The Management: 

Enter Faizan Khan, the young entrepreneur behind the famous Kargeens in Hyderabad and now the proud owner of Peppermill Bistro. Faizan also happens to be my senior and has always been one of those cool, forward-thinking seniors who I looked up to. Faizan always had a dream of opening a restaurant and he knew when he did he would call it ‘Peppermill Bistro’. Why you ask? Faizan explains, that on a trip to Dubai he was fascinated with the workings of a Peppermill and decided it would also be a cool name for a restaurant. 


The Menu and The Grub: 

Peppemill boasts of an extensive European and Mediterranean menu with elements of Cafe food for those lazy evenings. We ordered the Waffles to begin with and the Alfredo Pizza for the main course. The Waffles was crunchy and perfectly sweetened and the cream and maple syrup added just the right kind of topping. We dug into the waffles and right after we were greeted by a steaming hot pizza that had the cheese melting in all the right places. The pizza which was Chicken and Cheese marinated in different herbs was excellent. At this point Faizan suggested we have the Eggs Benedict and we decided to indulge in a bit of gluttony and agreed. It turned out to be the best decision we made that day. The eggs were accompanied with a sauce that Faizan swore was a Peppermill Bistro but we might consider breaking into the Bistro to steal that sauce! For dessert, we ended with the Mexican Churros which was served with chocolate sauce and was the right way to end the meal. 


Our visit to Peppermill Bistro was a satisfying and yummy affair and we can’t wait to drop by again to try their other items! Psst, did you know they held a free breakfast sunday two weeks ago? Watch out for more of their amazing events!

What we had: 

Eggs Benedict 

Alfredo Pizza