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Prada Turns Delicious and Opens Up a Pastry Shop in Milan


A couple of months ago, Prada made a surprise move and announced that it had bought an 80 percent stake in Angelo Marchesi SRL, the company that opened Milan’s famous Pasticceria Marchesi shop.

Pasticceria Marchesi has been an icon of Milan since its opening back in 1824 and has been serving up delicious pastries to its customers since this. This week saw the opening of their shop in a new location under the reign of Prada. The brand new shop is located  on the luxury street of Via Monte Napoleone.

Prada is working with the founding family to ensure that the concept is rolled out as close to the original as possible, while staying true to the design of the original store. Prada worked with its go-to architect Roberto Baciocchi to create a slightly more modern identity for the shop front, which features custom-made fine china by Rosenthal and silver cutlery, resulting in a very luxurious experience.

We took a look at some of the photos and it truly is a great design with the store looking like the inside of a luxorious Prada bag that is stuffed with sweets. 

This is definitely going on our list of places to visit for that dream trip to Milan.