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Are These Pre-Peeled, Pre-Halved Avocados Practical Or Not? #POLL


People who’ve grown up in the late 20th century had a lot to be excited about. The invention of the laptop, digital camera, Internet, flat screen TVs, and the likes. But for us millennial, most of the fancy things are just out there and there is little to no excitement at all. But then we have the Internet, which is crazy place with the unmatched ability of collecting, archiving, and floating around all the madness happening around the globe. One such similar phenomena that is recently doing the rounds on the World Wide Web are pre-peeled, pre-halved avocados.

That’s right, now you don’t have to go through the tedious process of peeling and halving the food, because California-based avocado grower/distributor Calavo will do it for you, and even box the avocados and put it in the grocery aisle. Although, introduced last March, the Calavo Avocado Hales have recently re-surfaced, courtesy Today, which picked up on a scathing review of Sobeys back then. And needless to say, Internet users everywhere are flipping out over the mere existence of the pre-peeled pre-halved avocados.

Image: Eric Huang (@junkfoodguy) | Twitter

While there have been a number of people actually supporting the product, saying that the avocados are a great aid for disabled people, there have been a few who disagree – like Gizmodo – and say that “Calavo is simply trying to profit from consumers desperate for convenience who don’t mind paying three bucks for a single avocado, and don’t care about more discarded packaging headed to landfills.”

Both very solid arguments, but we are still a bit taken aback by the neatly packed halved and peeled fruit. What do you think? Is this idea of selling pre-peeled and pre-halved avocados good or bad?

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Featured Image: Brit + Co

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