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Prestat Creates A Gin And Tonic Easter Egg Mashup And It’s Already Sold Out!


It would come as no great shock to find that many consider chocolate and alcohol to be one of the most compatible matches in the world. We’re insanely lucky to be living in such a world where the combinations of the two are almost innumerable. In the present day and age Easter has more or less become synonymous with chocolate (I know, I was outraged too!)

However, in the rainy old UK things have been taken a step further. Now, to celebrate this unholy matrimony, one of London’s oldest chocolate shops, Prestat have gone and made an Easter egg inspired by gin and tonic. All of you who are more likely to be psychopaths (Gin enjoyers, I’m not making this up, there was a research paper and everything) prepare to have your hearts set alight!

The product description reads “made from a unique blend of single origin beans filled with Prestat’s London Gin Truffles with a lemon milk chocolate shell” and it sounds absolutely delectable. Unfortunately for those of us on the subcontinent, we shall not be privy to such a delicacy. Which is such a shame, as Prestat claims their chocolate is suitable for vegetarians.

Even with the total game changer of online shopping and delivery, it may not be possible to make this Easter dream come true as it looks like this drink in a chocolate is out of stock. It’s to be expected though, everyone knows how much the Brits love their gin and tonic. It’s certainly a lot more mainstream than many of the other ingredients that have gone into an Easter egg. If you don’t believe me just google Marmite Easter egg, or just google Marmite, or don’t (honestly, I’m doing you a favor). 

I think the gin and tonic Easter egg is definitely worth a try, a few of everyone’s favorite things – what could go wrong?


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