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Prosecco Pong For When Beer Just Won’t Cut It


Pretty much everyone is familiar with beer pong. You know, the drinking game most associated with red solo cups and frat houses? Well, if beer pong was too ‘college student’ for you, have no fear because Talking Tables, a party supply store based in Dallas, TX, recently released Prosecco Pong, a grown-up version of the classic college past time. We have glitter Prosecco as well, so why not?

It’s basically identical to its slumming cousin beer pong, except for a few changes. Instead of solo cups you get plastic coupes, also, the ping pong balls are millennial pink (of course they are). In fact, you can also get some matching Prosecco string lights to take it up a notch.

The good news is that it will only set you back by around $25 so it would actually make a perfect present for pretty much any occasion (bachelorette party, birthday party, family reunion etc). While Prosecco is definitely a lot cheaper than its pricey counterpart (champagne) we don’t suggest springing for the top shelf products (unless, of course, you’re a part of the royal family and you would just use crystal anyway).

Prosecco Pong seems to be the perfect way to relive your frat party (or sorority) days while still keeping it classy. Win-win right?

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