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Are you really pretty? Then you might get a Free Meal at this Chinese Restaurant.


May the prettiest man or woman win!

And no, we are not joking. This hot pot restaurant in China allows you to ‘pay by face’ which literally means free food for a good face. If you are deemed attractive enough by a behind-the-scenes panel of supposed specialists then you get a free meal. The restaurant in Zhengzou, China has gone as far as installing state-of-the-art cameras that allow self-assured customers to submit their faces to the panel. The “specialists” are from a local plastic surgery clinic. No surprises there!

Some may call it narcissistic (and it is!) but hey, if you are running low on funds and have a pretty face, why not?

pay by face 1 pay by face 2 pay by face 3 pay by face 4 pay by face 5