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Roti v/s Rice; What’s Your Go-To Staple? #POLL


Having stayed in the Indian subcontinent (the northern half, to be specific) all my life, the one question that has haunted me before every meal is “rice or roti”? And it’s not so much the question than the actual answer that hassles me most of the times. It is so friggin’ difficult to pick one! While there are people who have stuck to either one of the staples their entire life and have absolutely zero issues in choosing one, there are other less, for the lack of a better word, decisive beings (me) who like both and are stuck in the endless conundrum of answering the life altering “rice or roti” question.

Why is it so hard to choose, you ask? Well, simply put one is healthier the other is more filling. One is yummy, the other is yummier. One goes beautifully well with gravies, while the other is great for lapping up the gravies. SEE WHAT I MEAN?! But surely, I cannot be the only one sprinting between the two options, right? Or am I? Either way, do you have a preference when it comes to rice and roti? If yes, then put in your votes below and let us know which one’s the more loved side!

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Feature Image (L-R): The Spruce; WhitBits Kitchen

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