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Sainsbury’s Tries Out New Labeling To Combat Food Waste!


Food waste has become quite a pressing issue in the last couple of years with restaurants coming out with ice creams made out of food waste and even workshops for chefs to utilise ‘ugly food’. However, the age old debate that oft rages is whether or not food is off and should be thrown away (if it was up to my mum she’d never throw anything away). Sainsbury’s seems to have the answer to this dilemma.

According to The Sun, they have just introduced a “Smart Fresh” label, which changes colour from yellow to purple, the longer a pack has been open. This acts as a reminder for reducing the amount of perfectly good to eat product being thrown away ‘just in case’. The label is also temperature sensitive, with the rate of colour change designed to slow down the cooler the fridge is.

The bad news is that Sainsbury’s is only testing the new technology on its own brand cooked ham across all its UK stores (bad because we’re not in the UK and we don’t have Sainsbury’s here). However, they confirmed to the Sun Online that it might roll it out across other products if the consumer response to the new pack is positive.

Hopefully, it is successful and they can start importing to India. I could really use a ham sandwich right about now without being worried if it’s safe or not. We all know meat-borne illness are the worst!

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