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Sanjeev Kapoor Is Open To Trying All Kinds Of Foods, Even Insects


While indulging in a batch of crispy fried insects may not be a big del for many, it does make a lot of us squirm. But little did we know that popular Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor proudly falls in the first category of experimental omnivores. In a recent interview, the chef revealed that he is okay with trying all kinds of food (which, by the way, is a major plus as a chef), irrespective of how “weird” these food trends may be considered. “I am somebody who has to try them [weird food trends]. I was in Cambodia and there was a tarantula, which is a type of spider, so I did try it.”

Speaking of weird food trends, the chef spoke about foods that are consumed on a regular basis across the world, but not so much in India. “There are very few weird trends which we are open to in India. The consumption of Kopi Luwak (cat poop coffee) in Indonesia is big but in India, it is only a small conversation. Conversations will happen about chutney made of red ants, orange flavoured ants. Consumption would be of just one chocolate coated cockroach but it’s not being consumed”, he said.


Indians Are Not Experimental Foodies

Kapoor, who has recently been brought on board as the brand ambassador of World Food India’s Food Street, spoke about the mélange of Indian and international cuisines at the food fair, saying that the Indian audience is very “secure” with the taste of Indian food, however, it is not exactly experimental, which according to him “is both a good and a bad thing” given that’s how diners across the globe behave.

“Indians say that they are experimental but they are not. A global brand that comes to India has to adapt to the Indian taste. Different regions of India have a different taste palette and they have to adapt to each other and that is what we are trying to connect and showcase in Food Street.”

But experimental foods, insects, and international food aside, the chef confessed that when it comes to picking his favourite Indian cuisine, it is – without a second though – home cooked food.

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