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You Have To See This Frida Kahlo Sushi Inspired Portrait!


Food as art is a concept that has been explored a lot more in this day and age. From the intricate avocado art to those sushi pumps that keep popping up on our newsfeed, food art is gorgeous (not to mention, delicious). Samantha Lee’s work is no different, her Instagram page is a veritable minefield of yummy, talent-filled creations.

Just look at that asparagus Empire State Building!

However, highly fictitious movie posters aren’t the only edible art that Samantha’s done. Here, we have the piece de resistance – a Frida Kahlo portrait made entirely out of sushi!

Just look at the detail on that work of art! Suffice it to say that it’s far too beautiful to eat! Samantha, we definitely think that you made Frida proud! Check out Samantha’s Instagram page to see an edible Charlie Chaplin, Pinocchio and inspirational art that will brighten up your day!

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