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Silver Beach Café In Mumbai Introduces A Keto Friendly Menu


Keto diet can get tough especially when you’re looking for options while eating out. But that’s not going to be the case at Silver Beach Café as they’ve introduced a whole menu dedicated to keto friendly dishes. Correction – delicious keto friendly dishes.

Keto And Delectable Food

While following the keto diet, one constantly needs to pick out carbs and depend on protein and fat. Keeping this in mind, nutritionist Jaydeep Bhuta has created a number of keto dishes for Silver Beach Café and all of them sound heavenly. Right from starters to dessert one can eat it all. No more awkward glances from your friends as you resort to eating tandoori chicken on paneer wherever you go.

So the new keto menu by Silver Beach Café has delicious snacks like Keto Special Avocado on Toast which is an Almond Flour Bread Pizza topped with fresh Mushroom, Asparagus with cheese; Keto Friendly Pizza which is a Mushroom, asparagus and artichoke pizza with cheese; Cauliflower Tabouleh with ginger sriracha chicken; Grilled Hollandaise Salmon on cauliflower cheese mash, sautéed garlic spinach with classic hollandaise sauce.

You can also delve on lip smacking delicacies like Zooodle with Cajun Okra & Exotic Vegetables or indulge in a Dry Spice Roast Chicken and Pan Baked Eggs served with Almond Flour bread, veg patty and house salad. This menu sounds good enough to change the mind-set that diets can’t have good, tasty food.

But wait, there’s more. Silver Beach Café even has awesome desserts like Walnut Almond Fudge and Flourless Keto Cheesecake in their menu. Calling out to all the keto diet followers of Mumbai to this café and to have a taste of all the lovely dishes they’ve curated just for you!


Silver Beach Cafe, Jaldarshan Building, Near Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple, Gandhi Juhu 400049, Gram Path, Juhu, Mumbai

Silver Beach Cafe, Raviraj Oberoi Complex, Near, Andheri, Laxmi Industrial Estate, Lokhandwala Complex, Mumbai

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