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Simba Beer Savagely Trolled Bira 91 Beer For April Fools’ Day


ICYMI, earlier this month Bira announced that they would be selling a new Bira 91 Hot sauce (not an April Fools prank, if you can believe that). Their announcement was complete with a massive build-up for their new product and while they did hashtag #hotstuff we never really imagined that hot sauce would be the product (since they’re a craft beer company, ya know). Check out their big unveiling below.

Since April Fools was coming up, Simba Beer put out an almost identical video (for the first few seconds) but then ended up trolling Bira 91 in a manner so savage that they’ll definitely have to take the Burnol out.

Simba’s advertisement was for pepper spray (every bit as absurd as a craft beer company selling hot sauce), but ended with the words “Just Kidding!” (like Bira’s video should have done). However, the real burn came in the next few lines: ” No Monkey Business, Just Finely Crafted Beer – Simba”. A direct nod to the Bira team who are synonymous with the monkey logo. Ouch! Do you think Bira’s got a comeback for this one?

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