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Slice To Make A Comeback In The US Market


A popular soft drink in the 1990s named Slice is making a comeback in the US market according to a report by the Chicago Tribune. “People remember the brand, but they don’t always remember the specifics,” said Mark Thomann, a Chicago entrepreneur. “It’s sort of like clay that you can mold how you want.”

Slice In A New Avatar

The report further says that the two companies Dormitus Brands and Spiral Sun Ventures, run separately by Thomann are coming together to launch Slice in 2018. The soft drink however is going to be a modified version of what it used to be. The new beverage will be lesser in calorie and sugar plus it will only be sweetened using real fruit juice.

Shedding light on why the modification Thomann told the Chicago Tribune, “If we were just relaunching it the way it was before, I don’t think it would be successful. … We believe this will be a $100 million brand in the next five years.”

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