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Snack Healthy With Homemade Granola Bars From Nutritio In Mumbai


Eating healthy is an uphill challenge. Even if you have the perfect menu featuring healthy, balanced meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner, snack cravings can wreak havoc on your diet. After all, where are you supposed to find healthy snacks when you’re cooped up at office? Wouldn’t it be easier just to treat yourself to a vada pav from the vendor outside?

In the recent times, as more people become more health conscious, several start-ups have sprung up to address that problem. A while ago we told you about Snackible which has made it its mission to produce healthy, tasty snacks.

Now, there’s a new kid on the block in Vashi which exclusively produces granola bars.

Meet Nutritio

Nutritio was started in February by Kadambari Gupte and her mother-in-low Supriya Patkar. Together, they create fresh, healthy granola bars; they begin work on a batch only when an order comes in.

On the menu are bars like the Bumble Rumble Berry, the Choco Choco, the Nutty Bar and the Mix Seeds bar. The team uses organic honey to add sweetness and add no preservatives or artificial flavours. They cost approximately Rs.500 for 500 grams; call 797710441 to place an order.