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Sneak Peak: Manhattan Fish Market is Coming To Chennai


Something smells fishy.  

Serendipity. That’s what brought us to Manhattan Fish Market on a Tuesday evening.

We were on one of those drives to the beach to get inspired to write, when we spotted a big red and yellow board that announced the opening of Manhattan Fish Market.    

A little Facebook-ing was all it took to reach the management and well, long story short, we arrived that evening when they opened their doors a tad to allow friends and family to dine.    

If the other franchises of this restaurant are anything to go by, Chennai is going to be taken by a sea storm. Psst. We hear Mussels is on the menu. *Insert appropriate expletives and do a happy dance for 15 hours straight*  

What do you get when you couple fantabulous food with amazing service and ambience?  

Manhattan Fish Market, Chennai edition.