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An Egg Disaster Is Served To Gordon Ramsay And He Is Not Happy


Gordon Ramsay is particular about his food and takes his role as a judge quite seriously. So when the chef at a family-restaurant served him a soft-boiled egg which was an absolute disaster, he banged his head on the table. “He can’t even boil a f$@#ing egg!” exclaimed a disappointed Ramsey.

This hell broke loose in an episode of Ramsay’s show Hotel Hell. After being served one bad dish after the other, which were being sent away by other diners as well, he decided to give the chef an egg challenge. The chef was already bewildered with the dishes being sent back to the kitchen but however still attempted to make a soft boiled egg.

The moment Gordon broke into the egg, it was runny and raw. Well, that clearly didn’t end well now did it? Watch this clip to watch Ramsey’s frustration and the chef’s dilemma as all hell breaks loose in the restaurant kitchen.

Feature Image: modworkshop