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Monkey Bar (CP branch)

in February i went to Bangalore for a conference, and luckily i chanced upon monkey bar there…and trust me had the best breakfast of my life….i loved that place so much that i was planning on visiting it again…just for the food….so when i heard that monkey bar has opened up in vasant kunj…..i was really excited and decided on visiting the place asap…but because vasant kunj is quite far from my place , due to some reason or the other i could never make it!!!

so finally few weeks back a friend of mine informed me that monkey bar has opened one of its outlet in cp, omg…you wont believe the sheer amount of happiness i felt….an d then and there called my partner and planned a final visit….so finally last Saturday i met my partner there for lunch!!!


monkey bar is located apposite to pvr rivoli, with great eateries like my bar, caffe 9, sarvana bhavan etc. located near it…!!!

when you enter there is a lift which directly takes you to the first floor where this place is at, else you always have the option of climbing the stairs, which in itself is interesting with rustic wall, lights bordering thee huge mirrors etc!!

when you enter monkey bar, you automatically feel comfortable with the ambiance, it has a very rustic warehouse kind of a look, with few seating options, when we entered it was fairly empty so we chose the corner seat near the window with the panoramic view of the well, road outside, and one can even see the huge Indian flag swaying at one end…


um…it started with a bit hitch but it totally gets compensated later…when we sat we were just taking in the view but it surprised that even though the restaurant was fairly empty with 1-2 occupied tables yet we didn’t’ receive our menu card until 10 minutes of waiting and the finally hailing for it…anyways once we got them we were at a fix… there were so many dishes we wanted to try but unfortunately couldn’t as it was just the two of us…and well even though we have great appetite yet everything could not be ordered :p

the service was quick…the waiters were really nice and friendly….


the main part… well after spending 10 minutes of going through the menu back and forward…..we finally decided on ordering:

butterfly chicken: 3 beautiful butterfly shells stuffed with sweet n spicy bits of chicken, honey, pepper, sesame seed etc…this dish is highly recommended….not only did it look great but tasted amazing as well….the crispy shell with the tasty filling with ample chicken in every bite and a lil oily liquid to bind it all together just explodes in tour mouth…and trust me once you have it, you cant get enough of it!!!

gastro burger: omg… a huge 200gm patty with gruyere and gouda cheese, bloody mary tomatoes, caramalized onions, arugula etc.. though it say it has umami mushroom ketchup but somehow i couldn’t taste it…and it was served with sweet potato chips served in a cone along with coleslaw….absolutely loved the burger…it sure got messy eating it..and it was so huge that the two of us got full eating it!!! the chips were nice and added to the texture !!!

unfortunately we were almost full just by having these as the portion size is good…but to gulp them down we ordered:

banana nutella smoothie: although it was a smoothie that too having banana and nutella i expected it too be quite thick and heavy…but to my surprise and relief it wasn’t either….the texture and consistency was almost like a cold coffee which perfect for the heavy meal we ordered and i got the perfect taste was banana and nutella and the best part…it was served chilled and wasn’t too sweet as one would expect it to be…

monkeccino: omg….i so love this drink….it was basically a great coffee infused with the twist of mint….it tasted so refreshing and the mint was not at all overpowering!! i loved it!!

they serve these drinks are served in a bottle which is quite fun..

and lastly for the perfect sweet ending we ordered:

old monk(ey) chocolate cake: when we ordered it we were a bit apprehensive, we thought it would be like any other chocolate cake…but little did we know we were going to be served the best dessert any chocolate lover could wish for!!

firstly it wasn’t some regular triangle piece of cake…the shape was a sphere…and it was rich, extremely chocolaty chocolate mouse like disc covered with soft n moist chocolate cake with a subtle yet prominent old monk taste…served with caramel and praline….the sticky caramel and crispy praline added so much to the chocolate sphere and bought to another level…i still am drooling over the memory of that wonderful dessert…

monkey bar excels in awesome presentation and even more awesome…yummy…mouth watering food!!! they also have these coaster with awesome quotes written on them…!!

i so will go back and try other great things they have to offer…

the pricing is not at all expensive….every penny is worth it!!!

for 1 burger, 1 appetizer, 2 drinks and 1 dessert… our total bill came to be 1700 bucks…inclusive of taxes….(they charge tax on all drinks even cold coffee, being a bar, thats why this cost)….highly recommended….awesome ambiance, great food…:)









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