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Spooky Spider Eggs, Monster Wings And Devil’s Brain- Check Out This Place Where Halloween Is Celebrated In Style


Halloween is the perfect time to dress up in your favourite costume! It is also the perfect time to create the creepiest and spookiest dishes and get away with it.  For this Halloween, head over to Cilantro, Le Royal Meridien for the craziest and creepiest dishes ever! Cilantro is ready to welcome you with plenty of fun, uncanny dishes and novelty drinks.


Cilantro, Le Meridien presents to you on this Halloween some of the spookiest avatars of the culinary world made by the extremely talented chefs of the restaurant! Don’t forget to check out their Spooky Spider Eggs, Taco Dip, Monster Wings and Devils Brains in Hot Pan that will definitely give you some chills down the spine!

“Scary Buffet” for Halloween with “horrible” presentations, as they like to call it, is looking forward to scaring its diners. Make sure that you don’t miss this uber cool and scary buffet on 28th October from 7 PM to 10 PM.

So, bring your friends and family, and make sure that you have a spooktacular Halloween experience at Cilantro this week!