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Taiwanese Mushrooms Key To Modi’s Fair Complexion: Congress Leader


Have you ever attended a political rally? Yes, the special appearances by unknown faces that happen right before elections. If you have, then more power to you; and if you haven’t, allow us to give you an idea of what really goes down at some of these rallies. Actually one in particular that took place this week in Gandhinagar with Congress candidate Alpesh Thakore at the podium.


Controversial Fungi

Thakore’s main purpose was obviously to garner maximum support for his candidature, which he aimed to do by unearthing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s diet. How, you may wonder. Well, for starters, he pointed out that according to his sources, “Mr Modi doesn’t like what we [Thakore & his listeners] eat. He eats imported mushrooms from Taiwan priced at around Rs. 80,000 a piece”.

The OBC Leader went on to inform his audience that just one of these super expensive mushrooms is not enough to satiate the PM, as he eats five of them daily and has been doing so since he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. This means that Narendra Modi allegedly stomachs mushrooms worth INR 4 lakh every day in exchange of a flawless complexion. Yes, these words were actually said. Also, given that he is such a mushroom fanatic, how can he possibly like the mundane Indian food, that is, roti and chawal, harped Thakore.

Now, we are not sure of how true Thakore’s claims are but the Internet sure is having a ball. Here are some of the best reactions the netizens had over Alpesh Thakore’s take on PM Modi’s diet.

Meanwhile, fairness products manufacturers are having a fit over loosing their business to a bunch of fungi.

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