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Thailand Introduces AbsorbPlate to Soak Up Excess Oil In Food


The Thai Health Promotion Foundation has decided to tackle the big issue of its country’s unhealthy diet by introducing the “AbsorbPlate”.

Thai food is known to be spicy and delicious, but it’s also incredibly oily and this has led to Thailand having the second highest obesity rate in Southeast Asia. And the Thai Health Promotion Foundation worked with BBDO Bangkok to create a piece of tableware that would change the game.

Inspired by the way a sponge works, the AbsorbPlate has 500 small holes that allows the plate to soak up upto 7ml of grease in a dish, which translates to about 30 calories. While that might not seem like much, it will definitely make a big difference to the eating habits.

Check out the video below to understand exactly what this plate will do and how it might just change the health of people in Thailand and all over the world.