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The Brand Protes Turns Popcorn Into A Protein Powered Snack


Bored of the energy bars after gym? Well now that there is protein popcorn in the world so that might just change soon. According to a report by the Food Beast, Protes, US based brand, has created protein popcorn and each pack of this amazing corn has a whopping 10 grams of protein!

Popcorn With Protein Power

The brand already has a name for creating protein based snacks says the report as they’ve launched pea protein-based chips in the past and every pack had about 15 grams of protein power. A cup of ordinary popcorn might have like one gram of protein but Protes gets it to 10 times with no change in the flavour says Food Beast.

To add more merit to its brand Protes Protein Popcorn is also gluten free and GMO (Genetically modified organism) free. The report further says that this popcorn comes in two flavours – Sweet Cinnamon and White Cheddar.

Images Source – Eat Protes

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