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The Cutest, Cheesiest Love Story you’ll ever read for Valentine’s Day


‘I have a dream.

I dream that one day, cheese will marry cake and they will get into a relationship of deep understanding and commitment. That men will, from every fork of life, understand that heaven and earth may go, but cheese and cake will prevail. I dream that men will hold hands and sing praises to this romance between cheese and cake.’


The fridge had been left open. Through the tiniest crack, a tall and broad shouldered being could be seen. His eyes shown and a sweet but silent whistle escaped his lips. He looked strong and brave. But inside he was made of love that his mother had poured into him. He was made of everything heavenly and had a heart that would melt hundreds. Through the dim lit kitchen, he saw something that lit up his world.

Petit and dainty, she sat on the table top. She was light hearted and delicate. Many had fallen for her, they lined up by her door. Some were content with that precious smile, some wanted to touch her and feel the warmth that spread from her skin. The berries giggled as they passed by, the chocolate wrote her poetry and the walnuts followed her scent. Oh, her scent! It went several steps before her and lingered with you for a lifetime. As she sat there on the table top, she heard something that sounded like summer.

Cheese cleared his throat.


He didn’t seem capable of doing anything else. For what he saw was so perfect, he didn’t know why ‘perfect’ had lied to him all these years.

Cake looked up from where she was and saw her dreams take shape. They took shape to be one of the most fascinating things she had ever seen. Fair and handsome, he could give every man she had ever met a complex. All her life she had been kept away from this, this knight, in shining armour.

Her lips met each other and she smiled a smile that would melt a thousand sunsets.

Cheese was in love and he knew it then.