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The Secret Foods & Exercises Behind The Great Khali’s Gargantuan Build


Having fought with wrestlers like the Undertaker, John Cena and Batista in the ring, Khali has given WWE fans and Indians multiple reasons to be proud of. Ever since his debut match in 2006, the man has been a household name in India. His initial strife with The Undertaker became the reason behind rise to the top of the wrestling world and saw him go toe-to-toe with the arguably the biggest legend in WWE history.

Its one thing maintaining a wrestler’s body but it’s a whole other feat maintaining a 7ft 1in tall 400-pound heavy body. Here’s how the wrestler does it.



It doesn’t come as a surprise that the wrestler follows an unrealistically massive diet plan considering the mass that has to be recharged. The Great Khali starts his day with fruit juices and fruits, two quarts of milk, 8 eggs and 100g of dry fruits. This is followed by lots of water and a short walk. The wrestler then eats chicken and bread for breakfast.

For lunch, he has curry, pulses, vegetables, wheat breads, rice, 1 kg of chicken, eggs along with some more dry fruits.

Finally for dinner, he treats his body to a healthy meal of cheese, legumes, vegetables, 10 wheat breads, brown rice, chicken and 6 eggs followed by two liters of milk and ice post dinner.

Burping, yet?



Khali’s meals provide him with ample amounts of nutrients and energy sources, enabling him to be the powerhouse of strength that is. But his food is also supplemented by a rigorous workout plan, which is spread out across the days of the week.

On Sundays, Khali focuses on his chest and does flat – incline and decline – bench presses, apart from push-ups.

Monday is for working on his biceps and triceps. He does multiple sittings of the barbell and dumbbell Curls and triceps dips along with push-ups.

Tuesdays are dedicated to cardiovascular exercises. This includes 30 minutes of running on the treadmill, 20 minutes of cycling, abdominal workout and crunches.

On Wednesdays, Khali focuses on the shoulders and traps with multiple sittings of military press and dumbbell military press. In addition to that, he does lateral raises and rear lateral raises.

Thursdays are back and abs days. He does some repetitions of bent over barbell row and pull ups. Apart from that, he also engages in crunches and leg raises.

On Fridays, he focuses on legs and abs exercises again. He does multiple sittings of seated leg extensions, leg press and squats. Apart from this, he also does calve raises and 100s of crunches.

The following day, Saturday, is an off day from the extensive workout schedule. This day sees only 30 minutes of light jogging on the treadmill.


The Death Warrant

The Indian wrestler has been hot in the headlines for recently having signed his own death warrant.

Reacting to a comment about the wrestler being beaten, made by one of the international fighters, a noticeably troubled Khali lost his cool and re-stated his open challenge to all his rivals to let actions do the talking in the ring.

“I The Great Khali today promise all of you’ll that I will kick each one of their asses and not rest in peace till I do so. I today sign my own death warrant as a mark of this resolve. This to me now is far bigger than my own personal ego and is a matter of national pride,” stated The Great Khali.

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