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There’s Another Brand New Oreo Flavour That’s Getting Us Very Excited


Peeps Oreos are a thing and it is both adorable and a little strange. For those that don’t know what Peeps are, they’re a candy that is made with marshmallows and shaped like little animals – chicks, bunnies and other animals. Often, Peeps fill Easter goodie bags, and they’re not really available outside of the US or Canada, but if these Oreo cookies make their way outside of the country, the rest of the world might be able to enjoy it.

Made using golden Oreos filled with bright-pink Peeps marshmallow creme is speckled with sanding sugar so that it still looks like a Peep, but inside an Oreo! Of course, it’s artificially flavoured, but the brand isn’t hiding that fact from anyone either.

As always, it was posted on Instagram first by thejunkfoodaisle who spotted it on the Walmart’s website. Which obviously means that they’re available on shelves at the stores soon. As with all their other flavours, Oreo might just be teasing fans everywhere for a really long time before it becomes a reality. But either way, how exciting is this!

And if you’ve never eaten Peeps, like us, then this is an even more exciting adventure we’re about to go on.