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There’s A New Food Hybrid From Japan That Is Pretty Interesting


Food hybrids aren’t just taking over the American food trend, but the world! No, we’re not talking about the fascination that people have with the new food trends, but the fact that everyone is now creating something new to draw people into their restaurants.

Remember the Cronut introduced by now famous Dominique Ansel? Well, there’s now a twist on this. It’s been three years since the Cronut made it’s debut, but now a Japanese cafe is drawing in the food lovers and trend hunters with the strangest combination yet. Plus, it’s the punniest food name we’ve seen so far!

Meet the Udon-ut.

As you’d imagine, it’s a mashup of noodles and a donut, which can be found at Tsudanomatsubara SA in Kagawa Prefecture. The udon-nut is made of udon noodles twisted into a doughnut shape, deep-fried and then covered in powdered sugar. The first time the internet got a whiff of this was when Twitter use @eiitirou who posted various pictures of this brand new Japanese specialty.

There’s A New Food Hybrid From Japan That Is Pretty Interesting

RocketNews24 reported this with translations of the tweets in which @eiitirou wrote about her experience eating this dessert, “I thought the udon-ut would just be a donut made to look like udon, but no! It was actually fried udon with sugar, kind of like a sweet wonton.” She also added by tweeting, “The outside was crunchy, the inside was like a chewy wonton. Definitely an unexpected, but welcome, addition to udon sweets!”

There have been so many donut hybrids in this year alone, with the cronut and the sushi donuts and of course, ramen donuts. Because obviously this might be the craziest, but also the most exciting of donut hybrids. We just hope it doesn’t become a thing and get too wild and crazy. Because we know how these food trends turn out eventually.